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Long Love condom

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Condoms are the most popular products for contraception.

When placed on the penis, condoms prevent the penetration of sperm during intercourse.

Long Love guarantees complete safety. Besides preventing unwanted pregnancy, these condoms can effectively protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. This product is made in Germany.

By using these quality condoms, you will be able to satisfy your partner without any risk.

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2 bottles of Cupidon Personal Lubricant single dose

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2 lubricants for more pleasurable moments during sex - Cupidon Personal Lubricant single dose

Cupidon Personal Lubricant single dose is a high quality water-based lubricant, which is equally effective for vaginal and anal penetration. Each bottle of lubricant contains just the right amount for 1 sexual contact.

Product’s characteristics:

  • 100% natural
  • Excellent lubrication
  • Doesn’t cause irritation
  • No side effects
  • Can be used with sex toys and condoms

Directions:  Open the bottle and apply the product before penetration.

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