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01. What is Cupid Spray?
Cupid Spray is a spray that delays ejaculation, by reducing sensitivity in the penis. This way you will enjoy more pleasurable sex.
02. How it works?
With the help of the active ingredients Cupid Spray reduces penile sensitivity, and by doing this increases ejaculation time.
03. How long does it take to feel the effect of Cupid Spray?
The effect of the delay spray Cupid starts in only 10 minutes after being applied. This makes it incredibly convenient for use in situations, when you have to act fast.
04. What are the ingredients of Cupid Spray?
The delay spray Cupid has two main ingredients:

Vitamin E – also known as the “fertility vitamin” is categorically one of the most useful substances for the human body. When applied on the penis it gets absorbed very fast and easy, stimulates the cells, prevents toxin accumulation and stimulates oxygen supply.

Lidocaine – lidocaine has a local anesthetic effect. Depending on its concentration, this substance can reduce sensitivity of the treated area for a definite amount of time. Lidocaine is often used in medicine, mainly because of its ability to reduce sensitivity.

05. Is the delivery discrete?
The delivery of Cupid Spray is completely discrete. It will be delivered to you in an anonymous package by a courier, so nobody will know what you have ordered.
06. Does it have any side-effects?
The delay spray Cupid is not recommended for people who are allergic to lidocaine. You can check if you are allergic by spraying a little quantity of the product on your wrist.
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This product would be worth it even if the price was double… Thank you.

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07. When should you use Cupid Spray?
Cupid Spray is recommended for people, who are not able to get and maintain a healthy erection or who suffer from premature ejaculation. This product is also suitable for every man, who wants to increase their sex activity.
08. Who is Cupid Spray suitable for?
Cupid Spray is suitable for men of all ages. It is only not recommended to use the product if you are allergic to lidocaine.
09. What makes Cupid Spray special?
The spray for erection improvement Cupid is specially created to prevent premature ejaculation and to increase your self-esteem. Thanks to this amazing product you will improve the quality of your sex life.
10. What should I expect from Cupid Spray?
The effect of Cupid Spray will improve your intimate life, by giving you more sexual stamina and helping you control your ejaculation.
11. Do I need a prescription for Cupid Spray?
You don’t need a medical prescription to use the delay spray Cupid. It doesn’t have any side effects, unless you are allergic to lidocaine.
12. What is the recommended dose of Cupid Spray?
Spray two times over the head and the shaft of the penis. This quantity of the product is more than enough for having an amazing sexual experience. It is not recommended to use too much of the spray.
13. How can I contact you?
You can contact us from here…
14. For how long can I use one bottle of Cupid Spray?
One bottle is sufficient for 200 sprays, which means approximately for 3 months, if you use the product regularly.
15. What are the methods for payment?
Paypal + Cash on Delivery
16. What time does it take to deliver the order?
The delivery usually takes 4-5 working days after confirmation. The price is 12.90€ . We guarantee you fast and discreet delivery.
17. To which countries do you deliver?
We can send your order to any part of the world.