Don’t be afraid of intimacy. Just relax and learn how to enjoy it. Sex is much more than just an orgasm.

Seven ways to improve your sex life:

  • Take care of your sex life:

    Some of the main factors for erectile dysfunction are chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. It is important to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Obesity affects negatively your health, and can cause problems in your sex life. Physical activity is very important because it increases endurance, reduce fatigue and stimulate the libido. Also, avoiding alcohol and smoking is an excellent choice for improving your erections.

  • Exercises:

    As an addition to normal physical activity, which will strengthen your body, try to focus on the pelvic muscles. This will help you improve your erection. Do the Kegel exercise for men, so you can enjoy more pleasurable sex.

  • Be on top

    The sex poses, which require you to be on top, help you to get a better erection. If the girl is on top, you won’t be able to control the speed and your erection.

  • Use sex toys

    Discover new and exciting pleasures. Visit our sex shop and choose the best products for you and your partner. If you have problems with your sex life, including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or low sperm count, you shouldn’t be bothered. Now there is an effective way to deal with these problems – the amazing delay spray Cupid.

  • Try new things

    Why don’t you try new poses and techniques? These changes can help you deal with your sex problems and improve your sex life.

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  • Repetition improves endurance.

    Learn how to extend pleasure. Not every erection leads to orgasm. Make love slowly and try to enjoy each moment. If you still experience problems, use the delay spray Cupid, which will delay your ejaculation. Be sexually active: regular sex life improves the quality of intercourse.

  • Try to relax

    Stress can be a major cause for erectile dysfunction. Stop worrying about your penis size, about your erection and don’t be afraid of intimacy. It is not quite true that a large number of intimate partners mean more confidence and better sex experience. Learn to enjoy intimacy: sex is much more than just an orgasm. Don’t forget about the simple pleasures like kisses and hugs.

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